Andy Roddick / Dave Matthews
November 8, 2003

(COLD OPENING) 20/20: Barbera Walters interviews Martha Stewart


-- Rachel's Barbera Walter impression was pretty good, and it helps that she already does kinda look like her.

-- The cameraman shaking his head in agreement.

-- Good to see someone rare saying LFNY.


-- Amy's Martha Stewart impression could've been better. I was hoping Ana would cameo and play her.

Grade: B


-- Has Smigel stopped making TV Funhouses for good? We haven't had one since the season premiere.

(MONOLOGUE) Andy Roddick tries to entertain the audience


-- John McEnroe's appearance.

-- The Outkast musical was done well.


-- The musical was kinda pointless, though, and could've been shortened.

Misc. Comments & Observations:

-- Weird how they brought back the same two "audience members" (J.B. Smoove and Paula Pell) from last week's monologue.

Grade: C

(COMMERCIAL) "Cryogenix"


-- The graphic of the frozen head being severed from the body.


-- The rest of this was weak.

Grade: C-



-- None.


-- I hated this the first time and I still don't like it now.

Grade: F

(SKETCH) "Battle of the Sexes II"


-- Fred was very funny as Billie Jean King.

-- Fred calling Andy "Clay Aiken".

-- The pre-taped tennis scenes.

-- Fred with the tennis ball through his head.

-- McEnroe's angry comments.


-- None.

Grade: A-

(NEXT WEEK) November 15, 2003: Alec Baldwin

-- Always a great host, so I'm really looking forward to this.

(SKETCH) Kyle's governess


-- A funny bizarre concept, and Rachel was hilarious.

-- Parnell's "bed-related" comment.

-- Rachel's line at the end.


-- The bedtime thing towards the end was sappy.

Grade: B

(MISCELLANEOUS) Sportscasters comment on previous sketch


-- A nice, creative bit.

-- McEnroe was funny, once again.

-- I liked the inside jokes made about Martin Lawrence and Adrien Brody.


-- None.

Misc. Comments & Observations:

-- The Stifler comment was funny since Andy really does look a lot like Seann William Scott.

Grade: A+

(SKETCH) Hall & Oates sing for Anderson Mellner Communications


-- A great sketch and I always like seeing Fred and Forte teamed up.


-- None.

Grade: A

(MISCELLANEOUS) Richard Williams tries to adopt Andy Roddick


-- Good to see another backstage segment.


-- This turned out disappointing and there weren't many laughs.

Grade: D


-- No comment.

(WEEKEND UPDATE) Fallon & Fey, Tim Calhoun, The two sides of Rosie O'Donnell


-- Jimmy's Larry King joke.

-- Tim Calhoun!! This character always kills me.

-- Tina's Richard Gere joke.

-- Jimmy's hunting accident joke.

-- The Rosie O'Donnell bit was silly, but pretty funny, especially her slapping Tina.


-- Tina's The View joke.

-- Jimmy's Kenyan sweep joke.

Misc. Comments & Observations:

-- Why was Jimmy stalling in the middle of his introduction to the Rosie O'Donnell segment?

-- Notice how Tina didn't even object to Horatio/Rosie calling her a lesbian. Hmmm..

Grade: B

(SKETCH) "Tennis Talk with Time Traveling Scott Joplin"


-- I liked this bizarre sketch the first time and had a feeling they'd bring it back again tonight with a tennis player hosting. This one was even weirder with the 3 Andre Agassi's from different time periods.

-- Forte as Agassi of the future.


-- None.

Grade: A-

(SKETCH) "Merv the Perv"


-- Nice new opening sequence for this character.

-- Some of Parnell's nasty comments.

-- Parnell in the briefs.


-- Some of Parnell's comments fell flat.

-- The bits with Andy as the doctor.

Misc. Comments & Observations:

-- I think this marks Parnell's first big solo recurring character. All his other recurring characters I can think of are either small or partnered up with someone else (Bloater & DeMarco Bros.).

Grade: B-


-- No comment.

(SKETCH) "Jock Talk"


-- None.


-- This really fell flat, even McEnroe's parts. They need to really improve with this if they make this recurring.

Grade: F

(SKETCH) Action News 13


-- The extended music and technical difficulties were funny. This season's good closing sketches streak continues.


-- Pales in comparison a little to the funnier "technical difficulties during a news show" sketch with Will and Ana from a few years ago.

Grade: B


Overall Episode Grade: B-

Overall Highlights:

-- John McEnroe. It was almost like he was the co-host with all these appearances he made. In fact, he should've hosted over Andy Roddick. He was funnier in most of his cameo appearances than Roddick was all night.

-- Battle of the Sexes II.

-- Rachel as the governess.

-- Sportscasters comment on previous sketch.

-- Hall & Oates sing for Anderson Mellner Communications.

-- Tim Calhoun.

-- Tennis Talk with Time Traveling Scott Joplin.

Overall Lowlights:

-- Andy Roddick was almost as bad as expected. Even though he didn't blow his lines, have terrible timing and stare at the cue cards all night like most sports hosts, he was still pretty dull and did nothing to stand out in any of his appearances.

-- Cryogenix.

-- Z105.

-- Richard Williams tries to adopt Andy Roddick.

-- Jock Talk.

Funniest Single Moment:

-- The Tim Calhoun segment on Update.

Best Lines:

-- Rachel Dratch as Barbera Walters: "The people we've spoken to [about how they feel about Martha Stewart] used the words 'she devil', 'control freak', 'shrew', 'fiend', and 'Darth Vader with highlights'."

-- Rachel Dratch as Barbera Walters: "One person went so far as to call you a real 'C U Next Tuesday'."

Amy Poehler as Martha Stewart: "I don't know what that expression means."

Rachel Dratch: "It's not good, believe me"

-- John McEnroe: "Andy might surprise us and pull out a funny hillbilly character or a Stifler imitation, but he could freak out like Martin Lawrence and start swearing, or pull an Adrien Brody and start babbling in a Jamaican accent for no reason."

-- Jimmy Fallon: "This week, Larry King interviewed David Blaine about his recent stunt spending 45 days inside a plastic glass box. Viewers witnessed the sight of a haggard man who appeared near death, plus some footage of David Blaine."

-- Will Forte as Tim Calhoun: "There are times when I'm not gay at all. But then there are other times I'm so gay, it more than makes up for it."

-- Will Forte as Tim Calhoun: "I propose that for scientific testing purposes, we breed a type of midget even smaller than the normal midget. We can call them 'Shetland Midgets'."

-- Tina Fey: "Researches have reported that cats and ferrets can carry the SARS virus. As a result, tonight's orgy at Richard Gere's house has been cancelled."

-- Andy Roddick as present-day Andre Agassi: "(to 1992 Andre Agassi) Wasn't it you who hooked up with Barbra Streisand? I mean, c'mon ­ Barbra Streisand?!"

Will Forte as future Andre Agassi: "That's no way to talk about the President of the United States!"

-- Maya Rudolph as Scott Joplin: "This is worse than the time my guests were closeted Martina Navratilova, gay Martina Navratilova, and Mr. Martina Navratilova."


DRATCH: 4 sketches (1: 20/20: Barbera Walters interviews Martha Stewart; 2: Andy Roddick tries to entertain the audience; 3: Kyle's governess; 4: Merv the Perv)

FALLON: 2 sketches (1: Z105; 2: Weekend Update)

FEY: 2 sketches (1: Andy Roddick tries to entertain the audience; 2: Weekend Update)

FORTE: 4 sketches (1: Hall & Oates sing for Anderson Mellner Communications; 2: Weekend Update; 3: Tennis Talk with Time Traveling Scott Joplin; 4: Action News 13)

HAMMOND: 1 sketch (1: Battle of the Sexes II)

MEYERS: 3 sketches (1: Cryogenix; 2: Tennis Talk with Time Traveling Scott Joplin; 3: Jock Talk)

PARNELL: 4 sketches (1: Cryogenix; 2: Kyle's governess; 3: Sportscasters comment on previous sketch; 4: Merv the Perv)

POEHLER: 6 sketches (1: 20/20: Barbera Walters interviews Martha Stewart; 2: Andy Roddick tries to entertain the audience; 3: Cryogenix; 4: Kyle's governess; 5: Merv the Perv; 6: Jock Talk)

RICHARDS: 2 sketches (1: Cryogenix; 2: Jock Talk)

RUDOLPH: 5 sketches (1: Andy Roddick tries to entertain the audience; 2: Cryogenix; 3: Tennis Talk with Time Traveling Scott Joplin; 4: Merv the Perv; 5: Action News 13)

SANZ: 1 sketch (1: Weekend Update)

ARMISEN: 2 sketches (1: Battle of the Sexes II; 2: Hall & Oates sing for Anderson Mellner Communications)

MITCHELL: 2 sketches (1: Andy Roddick tries to entertain the audience; 2: Battle of the Sexes II)

THOMPSON: 2 sketches (1: Battle of the Sexes II; 2: Richard Williams tries to adopt Andy Roddick)

Forte was the star of the night.


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